Ambition quality  
AB Technologies is focusing on turn over development based on top quality and healthy products. In order to continue investing for growth, we keep succeeding to our performance improvement programme.

• Following our improvement policy, regarding food security management including the benefits acquired during the certification of the French production site (BRC).
• Commitment of the Spanish and Tunisian plants to follow the BRC principles in order to be certificated during 2013.
• Develop the “service excellence” to emphasize our notoriety on world market in order to become the leading supplier of cheese solution.

• Optimization of skills and know-how through an organization based on semi-empowered teams.

Therefore, the different units of the group must follow the application of management by quality (consideration of: customer expectations, internal processes, procedures ...) as well as the legal and regulatory obligations. *

Corporate social responsability

Aware of the challenges posed by environmental preservation, AB Technologies is committed to respect it. Many actions are being taken in this direction:

  • Recycling oriented: The liquid wastes are processed by our own technical station as much as possible.
  • Constant control of wastes: paper, carton, wood, organic,…
  • Effort for saving energy and natural resources.
  • Constant efforts for preventing polluting the environment and reduction of waste production.
We protect consumer health by prohibiting Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) from being used as ingredients in the raw and auxiliary materials
Un groupe respectueux de son environnement